Windows 10 Overheating Laptop

2 weeks ago, I had my laptop upgraded to Windows 10. It’s like “finally!” after waiting for a month. I was so overjoyed that I immediately installed it when I got the notification even though I planned to upgrade after my internship over at first. Well, yeah, after a friend bragged it out and read some reviews about how fast Windows 10 is, I couldn’t help it.

At first, I didn’t encounter any common problem like error installation, sound card doesn’t work, folder fails, and any other; I think Microsoft have fixed it. After  a week, I finally noticed that my laptop’s fan was working too hard that it began to spin crazily and made spinning sound. Even a co-worker frowned and asked what happened to my laptop. I only laughed it off, saying maybe the inner is dirty. After all, it has been a year since I cleaned the insides of this laptop (I don’t know the term, but I know it’s not organ = =;;). But, few days later I also noticed that it became really hot after 5 minutes I turned it on. I knew it was not normal. When I first encountered dirty laptop problem that made my laptop having weird sounds,  I used 3ds max and adobe stuff at the same time, it didn’t immediately become hot. Then why my Win 10 laptop became hot at the same temperature even though I didn’t open anything? I checked it with cleaner program for errors and junk. Ok, there were some junks and errors, so I cleaned it. Yet, it didn’t make a change. I tried to troubleshoot with windows update and system maintenance, yet they said there was no problem. I searched in google regarding this overheating laptop, no satisfying solution. I’m just average with computers, so I didn’t understand most of the solutions such as; H-KEY-WHAT-THINGIE, BIOS, code-what. They sounded too unfamiliar and strange that might send my head a nuclear bomb.

I was a bit down because of this. I had no time to go to electronic service to get this laptop checked. Until I noticed my NVIDIA GeForce Experience was not active. No, that was not the problem. So, I opened that NGFE (kind of lazy to write it out, and I don’t want to search for the right term, again), I didn’t know why it showed me driver tab at first, it told me to update the driver. It was like I met a green and black angel. NGFE made me remember the problems that I encountered when I upgraded my laptop to Win8! It was a simple thing that really obvious but easily forgotten: update the freaking drivers. I don’t know about other laptop or others laptop, but I know my laptop wouldn’t use NVIDIA if I don’t play games and render in 3ds max. It just use Intel-whatever I don’t know. Since my locale is Japanese, I didn’t know where to update it (please don’t ask me why I use Japanese as region, it’s long), I couldn’t understand all stuff in graphic property panel. Therefore I went to Intel website and stumbled upon Intel Driver Update Utility. It says, The Intel® Driver Update Utility keeps your system up-to-date. It detects which driver updates are relevant to your computer, and then helps you install them quickly and easily”. As if I was meeting a blue and white angel, I praised the Lord. I quickly installed it and made it detect my Intel driver. Just as I thought, my Intel Driver was still the release for Win8. It’s just outdated.

Then viola! After I updated NVIDIA and Intel drivers, my laptop temperature went back to normal and no crazy-spinning fan anymore.

So, those who are just like me, don’t know much about computer and encounter the same problem, you might want to update your drivers. I think Win10 update doesn’t come with some drivers and you have to update them manually.

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