Windows 10 Overheating Laptop

2 weeks ago, I had my laptop upgraded to Windows 10. It’s like “finally!” after waiting for a month. I was so overjoyed that I immediately installed it when I got the notification even though I planned to upgrade after my internship over at first. Well, yeah, after a friend bragged it out and read some reviews about how fast Windows 10 is, I couldn’t help it.

At first, I didn’t encounter any common problem like error installation, sound card doesn’t work, folder fails, and any other; I think Microsoft have fixed it. After  a week, I finally noticed that my laptop’s fan was working too hard that it began to spin crazily and made spinning sound. Even a co-worker frowned and asked what happened to my laptop. I only laughed it off, saying maybe the inner is dirty. After all, it has been a year since I cleaned the insides of this laptop (I don’t know the term, but I know it’s not organ = =;;). But, few days later I also noticed that it became really hot after 5 minutes I turned it on. I knew it was not normal. When I first encountered dirty laptop problem that made my laptop having weird sounds,  I used 3ds max and adobe stuff at the same time, it didn’t immediately become hot. Then why my Win 10 laptop became hot at the same temperature even though I didn’t open anything? I checked it with cleaner program for errors and junk. Ok, there were some junks and errors, so I cleaned it. Yet, it didn’t make a change. I tried to troubleshoot with windows update and system maintenance, yet they said there was no problem. I searched in google regarding this overheating laptop, no satisfying solution. I’m just average with computers, so I didn’t understand most of the solutions such as; H-KEY-WHAT-THINGIE, BIOS, code-what. They sounded too unfamiliar and strange that might send my head a nuclear bomb.

I was a bit down because of this. I had no time to go to electronic service to get this laptop checked. Until I noticed my NVIDIA GeForce Experience was not active. No, that was not the problem. So, I opened that NGFE (kind of lazy to write it out, and I don’t want to search for the right term, again), I didn’t know why it showed me driver tab at first, it told me to update the driver. It was like I met a green and black angel. NGFE made me remember the problems that I encountered when I upgraded my laptop to Win8! It was a simple thing that really obvious but easily forgotten: update the freaking drivers. I don’t know about other laptop or others laptop, but I know my laptop wouldn’t use NVIDIA if I don’t play games and render in 3ds max. It just use Intel-whatever I don’t know. Since my locale is Japanese, I didn’t know where to update it (please don’t ask me why I use Japanese as region, it’s long), I couldn’t understand all stuff in graphic property panel. Therefore I went to Intel website and stumbled upon Intel Driver Update Utility. It says, The Intel® Driver Update Utility keeps your system up-to-date. It detects which driver updates are relevant to your computer, and then helps you install them quickly and easily”. As if I was meeting a blue and white angel, I praised the Lord. I quickly installed it and made it detect my Intel driver. Just as I thought, my Intel Driver was still the release for Win8. It’s just outdated.

Then viola! After I updated NVIDIA and Intel drivers, my laptop temperature went back to normal and no crazy-spinning fan anymore.

So, those who are just like me, don’t know much about computer and encounter the same problem, you might want to update your drivers. I think Win10 update doesn’t come with some drivers and you have to update them manually.

Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Tablet Mempesona Dari Samsung

Fungsi handphone yang sudah beralih dari alat komunikasi menjadi alat serba bisa ternyata bukan hanya sekedar cerita belaka, dengan 1 perangkat berukuran kecil, sekarang anda bisa mencari info dari media internet, tv streaming, mengabadikan moment-moment spesial, bahkan anda juga bisa menggunakannya untuk berbagai keperluan dalam bisnis anda. Perkembangan IT yang sangat pesat menjadi salah satu penyebabnya. Teknologi menjadi semakin canggih dan menjadi lebih mudah dalam penggunaannya karena dipadukan dalam satu perangkat praktis nan canggih yang biasa kita sebut dengan gadget.

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Spesifikasi dan Harga Acer Aspire One 722

Anda ingin membeli Netbook terbaru dari Acer? Anda mungkin bisa mengandalkan Acer Aspire One 722. Dengan layar 11.6 inch ini tentu akan membuat Anda lebih nyaman dibandingkan versi layar netbook Acer atau merek lain yang sebelumnya yang berkisar Antara 9-10 inch. Bukan hanya layar yang bikin pusing tapi juga keyboard yang terlalu kecil.

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Perbedaan Spesifikasi Canon Vixia HF R10 dan R100

Kenapa digital camcorder Canon Vixia HF R10 lebih mahal dari Canon Vixia HF R100? Seperti yang dicantumkan oleh CNET bahwa Canon Vixia HF R10 dijual mulai dengan harga $319.99 (Rp2.850.000) sedangkan Canon Vixia HF R100 lebih murah yaitu $249.00 (Rp2.210.000).

gambar casing canon vixia hf r10
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Jelek dan Bagusnya Motorola Droid Bionic

Motorola Droid Bionic memiliki bentuk yang begitu ramping dan desain yang terlihat licin, layar qHD 4,3 inci dan memiliki prosesor dual-core di dalamnya. Banyak fitur multimedia ditawarkan yang akan memanjakan para pemakai dari segmen bisnis. Salah satu aplikasinya adalah Webtop. Baterai yang tahan hingga waktu yang lama adalah salah satu keuntungan bagi orang yang suka bermain game atau menelpon lama-lama.

foto motorola droid bionic

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